Hale Blessing


Hale Ku'ai Interpretive Sign

The Hale Project

Hale (thatched houses, pronounced like ha-lay) are traditional Hawaiian structures that have many purposes.

The Kipahulu ‘Ohana, in partnership with Haleakala National Park, completed a small hale at the Kapahu Farm in 2002, and a larger (20' x 30') hale was completed near the Park Visitor Center in 2005 (left).

The hale were built using native plant materials (such as ‘ohi‘a logs and loulu palm leaves), indigenous knowledge, and the hands of the surrounding communities. We celebrated the dedication of the Kapahu hale and the blessing of the lo‘i (taro patches) on July 27, 2002. It enhances the authenticity of the experience of visiting the lo‘i by providing a comfortable place to talk story while resting in the cool shade.

The second hale, known as the Hale Ku‘ai (left), provides a place for visitors and locals to experience cultural demonstrations and gather for hiking tours to the lo‘i.

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