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John and Glenna Ann Lind — Couple share their love for 'aina

The Honolulu Advertiser
Sunday, January 2, 2005

By Zenaida Serrano
Advertiser Staff Writer

John and Glenna Ann Lind, both 57, have worked tirelessly for decades to help restore ancient lo'i, or taro patches, in Kipahulu, Maui.

Proud of their Native Hawaiian ancestry, they founded Kipahulu 'Ohana in 1995. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to educating residents and visitors about the ways of the ancient Hawaiians through cultural demonstrations and hands-on activities.

John Lind hosts hundreds of visitors each year at Kapahu Farm, one of Kipahulu 'Ohana's projects. They come from schools, preschools and youth groups, including Japan's Gifu University. Young people assigned to community service through the Maui courts are also welcomed on the farm, where the principles of discipline, respect and aloha 'aina are emphasized.

Lind takes students into the lo'i, teaches them how to weed and harvest, and shares the values of the Hawaiian culture, all while getting muddy and having fun, said Scott Crawford, executive director of the grassroots group. Crawford praised the couple for their work with Kapahu Farm.

"(It) has become an inspiring center for cultural education and experience for local youth and families," Crawford said.

The four-acre organic farm — made of nearly 20 taro patches and crops of sugar cane, banana, breadfruit, coconut and kukui — is located within Haleakala National Park and is managed through a cooperative agreement with the nonprofit. Visitors to the farm can tour the ancient patches, learn traditional taro cultivation methods and medicinal uses of various plants, and pound taro root into poi.

"Education is No. 1," said Glenna Ann Lind, affectionately known as "Tweetie."

The area once served as home to thousands of Hawaiians who lived a sustainable life off the fertile land and ocean.

Both Linds are uncomfortable being called "Island Heroes." What they do every day comes from a shared love and respect for the land. "We're sons and daughters of God, trying to create heaven on Earth," John Lind said.

Kapahu Farm: (808) 248-8673, or

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