Kapahu Living Farm is a traditional Hawaiian wetland taro farm, managed by the Kipahulu Ohana since 1995 through a partnership agreement with Haleakala National Park.

Over 30 ancient lo‘i kalo have been cleared and restored to active production, and other “canoe plants” (Polynesian introduced crops) such as ulu (breadfruit), mai‘a (banana), ‘uala (sweet potato) and ‘ohi‘a ‘ai (mountain apple) are also grown.

Poi and other products from the farm are processed at our Kipahulu Kitchen for distribution into the local community.

Our hands-on educational programs hosts schools and community groups from Maui, other Hawaiian islands and beyond, from a partial day to several days. Please see Educational Group Hosting for more information if you are with a group that would like to come for a farm visit.

For visitors who are not part of a group, we offer a Cultural Interpretive Hike Tour.

From left to right: Natalie Gates, Superintendent HNP; Tweetie Lind, Secretary/Treasurer & Program Manager KO; Scott Crawford, Executive Director KO; Polly Angelides, Chief of Interpretation & Education HNP; John Lind, Project Director KO; Mike Minn, President KO; and James Herbaugh, Kipahulu Area District Manager & KO Liaison HNP

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