Haleakala National Park

Since 1995, Kipahulu Ohana has had a partnership agreement with Haleakala National Park for the operation of Kapahu Living Farm. Haleakala National Park also collaborates in the 'Opihi Project with educational signage and outreach in the 'opihi rest area on the shoreline adjacent to the park. The Kipahulu also helps coordinate Kupuna Council meetings to provide cultural consultation for the park.

Hana Complex 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program

Kipahulu Ohana is a community partner with the Hana High & Elementary School's 21st Century Community Learning Centers 5-year grant, providing programs for students and families including farms days, craft days and 'opihi surveys. 

The Nature Conservancy - Maui Marine Program

Kipahulu Ohana has partnered with TNC's Maui Marine Program since 2010 in developing and implementing our Malama i Ke Kai program for ahupuaa-based management of the shoreline and nearshore areas along the four-mile stretch of the Kipahulu moku.

Dr. Chris Bird, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Dr. Bird helped develop the 'opihi survey methods used in the Kipahulu 'opihi rest area and provides the scientific analysis and lab work to support Kipahulu Ohana's 'opihi recovery program out of his lab at the Biology Department at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

State of Hawaii, Division of Aquatic Resources

Through our Malama I Ke Kai program, Kipahulu Ohana works with DAR in our 'opihi rest area program and our proposal to designate Kipahulu moku as a Community-Based Subsistence Fishing Area. 

State of Hawaii, Department of Land & Natural Resource, Land Division

Kipahulu Ohana leases two parcels of land from the state—the Kalena Triangle where the Kalena Center and Kipahulu Kitchen is located, and the "9-acres" where we maintain banana and other fruit orchards as well as pasture cattle—and we appreciate the support of the DLNR Land Division for our operations. 

Maui Nui Makai Network

Kipahulu Ohana is one of the founding members of the Maui Nui Community Managed Makai Area Learning Network, AKA Maui Nui Makai Network, established in 2012 by six communities on Maui, Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i that are actively involved in managing our shoreline resources based on traditional cultural practices. The Network seeks to protect and restore the healthy coastal and marine ecosystems that the people of Maui Nui depend on. Our purpose is to share and learn from our diverse experiences, lessons, and best practices to help member sites to mālama specific makai areas. The other five community sites are Mo‘omomi on Moloka‘i, Maunalei on Lana‘i, Polanui Hiu in West Maui, Wailuku/Kahului in Central Maui, and Mu‘olea in East Maui.

E Alu Pu Network and The Limu Hui

Kipahulu Ohana is a member of the E Alu Pu Network and The Limu Hui, statewide networks that are coordinated  through Kua‘aina Ulu ‘Auamo (KUA). Kipahulu Ohana hosted the statewide annual gathering of E Alu Pu in 2014.

Na Mamo O Mu‘olea

In 2004, Kipahulu Ohana took a lead role in supporting the purchase by the Trust for Public Land of about 70 acres in the lower ahupuaa of Mu‘olea between Hana Town and Kipahulu, an area rich in culture,  history and natural resources. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the County of Maui contributed funds, and TPL then transferred the title to the County of Maui. One of the conditions of the purchase was that the land be managed by a local-nonprofit organization; thus Na Mamo O Mu‘olea was formed in 2007. Kipahulu Ohana continues to partner with Na Mamo O Mu‘olea on ahupuaa-based management projects, including ‘opihi monitoring and rest areas, and participates in the annual Hana Limu Festival.

Kahanu Garden

Part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kahanu Garden is an ethnobotanical garden located near Hana that focuses on plant collections from the Pacific Islands, particularly the "canoe plants" of particular cultural value to the Hawaiian people, and the many heirloom cultivars developed here by the Hawaiian ancestors. Kahanu Garden regularly brings their crew up for workdays at Kapahu Living Farm.

Mahele Farm

Located next to Kahanu Garden on land owned by the Garden, and operated under the nonprofit Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike, Mahele Farm is a community farm that encourages participation in regular volunteer workdays in exchange for produce. Mahele Farm regularly brings their crew up for workdays at Kapahu Living Farm.

Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike

Hana's building program has helped Kipahulu Ohana with several construction projects at the farm and kitchen, and also is the umbrella organization for Mahele Farm.

Hawaii Farmers Union United

Kipahulu Ohana is a member of the Hana Chapter of HFUU Hawaii, and participates with the chapter member in agricultural booths at various local festivals and events, as well as support for the Hana School garden.

Hana Business Council

Kipahulu Ohana is a member of the Hana Business Council, and partners with HBC to provide entrepreneurial training and support for the value-added processors and vendors who use the Kipahulu Kitchen.

East Maui Watershed Partnership

Kipahulu Ohana is a Supporting Partner in the EMWP. This enables us to attend Partnership meetings and work cooperatively with the other Partners in our native forest and watershed management efforts.

Hana Community Endowment Fund

Ten nonprofit organizations in Hana, including the Kipahulu Ohana, have joined together to create this endowment fund, managed by Hawaii Community Foundation, to provide a supplemental source of operational revenue for the organizations each year.

Malama Kipahulu Fund

Three nonprofit organizations in Kipahulu, including the Kipahulu Ohana, receive an annual disbursement from this endowment fund established by Sue Wong.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Kipahulu Ohana has received several grants from OHA in support of Kapahu Living Farm and our Malama I Ke Kai Program.

Hawaii Tourism Authority

HTA has provided numerous grant awards to Kipahulu Ohana over the years, including most recently in 2018 in support of our Malama I Ke Kai programs.

Harold H.K. Castle Foundation

Castle Foundation has provided financial support for the development and outreach of our Community Based Subsistence Fishing Area rules package proposal and management plan.

County of Maui - Office of Economic Development

OED has support the Kipahulu Kitchen and Kapahu Living Farm through grant funding over many years.

Maui Cultural Lands

A sister organization in West Maui that does similar mauka to makai projects. 


Hana and East Maui portal website, featuring Hana Business Directory and Community Events Calendar.

Hawaii Alliance for Community Based Economic Development

HACBED facilitated an Organizational Assessment process for Kipahulu Ohana in 2004, and Executive Director Scott Crawford participated in two sets of Community Connections ten-month nonprofit training workshop series, 2002-2003 and 2005-2006


Other Partners

Kamehameha Schools

Kipahulu Community Association

Hawaii Tourism Authority

'Ohana Makamae

Conservation International

Whispering Winds Bamboo

US Fish & Wildlife Service

DLNR - Division of Forestry and Wildlife